Qualcuno ha detto “orchidee mini”? IDeL e Dante 10


IDeL and Dante 10,5 for mini orchids: so cute! We love mini orchids! And you?

Improving Feel products, Dante 10,5 is the last brand new idea from IDeL company, thought to enhance indoor spaces. We developed a very deep range of colours, starting from the monochromatic version, till transparent models and Exclusive line products, a collection interpreted as fancy chromatic textures, with light and dark shades, pastel too.

Dante 10,5 has been designed to enhance mini orchids, wonderful tropical flowers such beloved as not easy to grow.  In fact, Dante 10,5 has been conceived to ensure good hydration for the root system, essential to avoid stagnation and moulds.

Speak with your customers: explain them the importance of the orchids watering and maximize cross-selling with IDeL’s display solutions! 

We want to be your best partner, so we always think about YOU and YOUR STORE! Throughout the constant study of new eye-catching ideas, we developed a special display solution, attracting consumers by stimulating their impulse buying and cross–selling activities, enhancing products and store atmosphere.

For example, Display for Plant Table stimulates impulse purchases and cross-selling, thanks to its high capacity and ease of positioning, directly on the plants display stands. Try it!

IDeL: IDeaL solutions for “always a pot ahead” people!

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