SMART! - La soluzione intelligente


SMART! The clever solution

Do your customers complain that they only have a small balcony at home, but they dream of taking care of a nice garden? Or do they live in an apartment and have no outdoor space? Growing in pots is what they need! Offer them a product that is both functional and practical!

With SMART! Flowerbox 85 SWS (part of the Classic Matte line), they can grow vegetables on their balcony and enjoy fresh and healthy food!

Thanks to SMART! Flowerbox 85 SWS, there is no need for large spaces and the care of vegetables or aromatic plants in pots is very easy: it’s possibile to create a small garden or a scented area! Even first-time growers will have no difficulty in realizing this green dream, because the flowerbox allows the accommodation of three black pots (and therefore three different plants), favouring the replacement of a single vegetable, in case of illness or decline. By the way, sickness and death are reduced to minimum, thanks to the Self Watering System – SWS (Water Reserve System), directly included in the product... and, for the most demanding, there is also the Water  Level Indicator showing when the plants need to be hydrated (in this case, only two black pots will be used).

In addition, IDeL thought of those who need to make the most of even tighter spaces: with the smaller version, SMART! Square High 30 SWS, the management of every square centimeter is optimized, without sacrificing the pleasure of enjoying beautiful plants. Moreover, the black pot is well covered by an elegant cachepot, available in several colors and equipped with the SWS system, so it can contain flowering plants and be placed inside the house too. It's beautiful, it's easy, it's IDeL!