Round High 55h + Inner: eleganza specchiata


ROUND HIGH 55H + INNER: IDeL unquestionable elegance

Minimal, clear and essential – perfectly in line with Nordics style (it is not a coincidence that the word “IDeL” means “pure” in Swedish language); especially if combined with light and delicate colours. This is the new Round High 55h + Inner of the family Living, extremely elegant with its 55 cm / 21,65 in high and a diameter of 32 cm / 12,6 in. A tall, tapered vase that embraces refinement and aesthetic beauty but that, at the same time, is also easy to use. It enhances every context thanks to both its beautiful shape and its technical peculiarities.

Likewise Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner (another new entry at IDeL), Round High 55h + Inner is an indispensable item: born without holes (though its bottom can be easily drilled) it stands out for its glossy and mirrored finish which is typical of the family Living and can accommodate pretty plants such as the Monstera and the Cabbage Tree.

In fact, Round High 55h + Inner comes with an Inner, 32 cm / 12,6 in high – capacity of 15 lt / 3,96 gal. The Inner comes in the same colour of the main pot and contains a black disk (24,5 cm / 9,65 in) which works as water reserve (H2O System). The black disk constitutes a little partition panel and creates a double base allowing to pot the plant directly in the Inner pot; the plant will grow healthy and luxuriant thanks to the water overflow control guaranteed by the dedicated “chimneys”. The Inner is also handy when it comes to move the plant; in fact, its practical retractable handles allow to move only the interior container without having to touch the main pot.

IDeL has also thought of the most demanding green lovers providing them with Water Level Indicator 4.0. This water level indicator becomes a fundamental instrument helping the consumer to understand the plant’s hydration needs and therefore avoid aridity or water stagnation, which could attract mosquitos. As a final touch for plants’ care, IDeL provides you with a pumice stone bag: 1 Lt. Pumice Stone is a natural material that helps the roots to gradually absorb humidity. So useful to make plants wonderful!

To sum up, Round High 55h + Inner is “a must have” for every retailer since it is the perfect synthesis of functionality and aesthetic beauty. Furthermore, this article is available in a wide range of colours, which contribute to create attractive layouts and it is certainly a big plus for the store itself; White, Taupe, Pistachio (pastel colour), Red, Anthracite (metallic colour) and Ash Sky Blue (pastel colour) are shades which are particularly in vogue at the moment and can therefore increase the potentiality of the product to become a best a seller!

A retail ready display is also available: Isle Display with Round High 55h + Inner is suitable to humid places too thanks to the material it is made of. In fact, polypropylene is incredibly resistant, waterproof and durable! Boost your sell out with IDeL!