High Pot: ci piacciono le curve!


High Pot: we love curves!

A curvy and soft line and rounded shapes have now entered IDeL Classic Matte’s world; a line, until now characterized by its squared and geometric design, leaves space to new features; IDeL decides, in fact, to extend its product portfolio introducing rounded alternatives that are characterized by a conical shape and a significative edge and perfectly combine with the traditional matte finish.

The modern and contemporary design of High Pot makes this cachepot a “must have” for every retailer: well proportioned, with no bottom holes but easy to drill directly by the final consumer if needed.

It have an extremely good stackability, which allows to significantly contain transport costs. Moreover, for professional plants growers using black pot Aeris, the product presentation is highly enhanced. For those who are not familiar with Aeris, please note that it is a very special pot; in fact, it provides both an optimal drainage for the water in excess and an excellent aeration for the roots. That is possible thanks to its special bottom, designed with an aeration system 90% more effective than traditional pots.

So, High Pot is a perfect sales solution for nursery owners, who can grow their plants in these pots - besides other IDeL professional ones such as High Nursery Pot 18x16 cm / 3,3 l (7,09x6,3 in / 0,87 gal) and 22x22 cm (8,67x8,67 in), Low Nursery Pot 24x20 cm (9,45x7,87 in) and Nobilis 23,5 cm (9,25 in). They can then sell the plants to retailers directly in High Pot overpots.

The good products stackability allows to create an attractive in-store presentation too, so that retail space management is optimized. High Pot helps store managers to impress consumers: we know how difficult store layout strategies can be.  We want to be your best partner and we, therefore, developed a wide colour range after analyzing colour trends; White, Anthracite, Pistachio (pastel colour), Purple, Ash Sky Blue (pastel colour) and many more are available upon request.

With an attractive store layout, High Pot beauty is enhanced and consumers are made aware that they can easily match these pots with every home design and all sorts of decorations.

These two latest novelties by IDeL are also suitable for Indoors as, combined with High Pot coverpots, a Water Reserve System is created; traditional saucers won’t then be required and that is a big plus for design-lovers who are not particularly keen on using them indoors. Also be reassured that, at the same time, annoying water overflows will be avoided.