IDeL: la funzionalità diventa design con Mosaic®


Welcome to the new Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner


It is not a traditional home decor accessory: Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner (Ø32x55h cm; Ø12,6x21,7h in) is a very modern and pretty functional pot having the aim to make every location look amazing.

The latest IDeL novelty has a shiny and glossy finish, as every Mosaic® family member, and it combines the Mosaic® cover (the decorative white grid), the body pot and the Inner pot, where you can directly put a lush, beautiful blooming plant, or just a green one. Both Mosaic® cover and body pot have no holes, but they can be pierced, maybe with a small drill. Even the final consumer can himself/herself make holes on the bottom of the pot, adapting the product accordingly to his/her requirements.

The Inner pot (in the same colour of the Mosaic® cover) is characterized by a Self Watering System (H2O system) generated by a black disk, a little partition panel creating a double base. In this way, it is possible to pot every kind of plant, putting it directly into the Inner pot. The plant will grow healthy and luxuriant, thanks to the handy little ‘‘chimneys’’ on the Inner Pot bottom, that allow to perfectly manage the water excess.

Moreover, the retractable handles on the Inner pot’s lip allow to move and look after the plant easily, without displacing the whole pot (soil and plant could make it so heavy!).

At IDeL we do offer some accessories too in order to help retailers in cross selling activities: e.g. Water Level Indicator 4.0 is a very useful component, showing when the plants need water, avoiding water excess or hydration lacks. Using the indicator is incredibly easy: just insert it in one of the black disk holes and it is all done!

As a final touch for plants’ care, Mosaic® line provides you with a pumice stone bagMosaic® 1 Lt. Pumice Stone is a natural material that helps the roots to gradually absorb water.

Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner advantages are not over! IDeL wants to be your best partner and an attractive retail ready display is available too.

Isle Display with Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner makes Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner look more attractive at customer’s eyes.

This kind of display is an ideal solution to show Mosaic® products in the most fascinating way. Consumers will be impressed by this in-store presentation, because products and colours are clearly shown. So, selling out and cross selling are ensured. Also, Isle Display with Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner is made in polypropylene and it is resistant against humidity. 


Boost your sell out. Do it with Mosaic®. Do it with IDeL!