Colori Exclusive di IDeL: il lusso accessibile


IDeL Exclusive Colours: the affordable and hi-tech luxury


Have you always known which colour to pick for your accessories, flowers or… flowerpots? Light or Dark Lilac? Powder? Lime or White? The choice can be hard sometimes!

IDeL Exclusive pots, cachepots and bowls make everyone happy as the one object has different shades.

After conducting innovative color studies and carrying out experiments on raw materials, IDeL, managed to create a unique product, which combines different polychromatic shades; that is the result of an exclusive technique.  

Exclusive color shades, in particular, reproduce the chiaroscuro and the light contrasts typical of glazed ceramics and porcelains, making every pot unique.

So industrial production gets closer to the handmade painting pottery process using, though, the advantages of plastics: a light, easy to clean and shock-resistant item, offering the best quality-price ratio!

From a technical point of view, Exclusive shades are obtained by dosing two different colors that, depending on the predominant chromatic percentage, offer a pleasant and refined sfumato effect.

The production employs the highest technologies in terms of processes and instruments; printing press injection systems and calibrated injection moulds contribute to the shiny and glossy finish of these products.

Exclusive colour range is brilliant, unique, glossy and offers you the possibility to find the perfect match between plant and pot to decorate your lounge and balcony as if they “were wearing their best outfit”.

Exclusive shades are for those who love colours and refined luxury, those who want to be unique, fashion and stand out of the crowd in style… without paying a crazy price!