via lombardia 4 - 23888 la valletta brianza (LC)
Tel. 0395311271 Fax. 0395311888

Sito Web: www.plastecnic.it

  • - Retail: Yes
  • - Wholesale: Yes
  • - E-commerce: NO
Plastecnic S.p.A. is an Italian company that designs, manufactures and markets flowerpots. Plastecnic covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and is capable of producing 10,000,000 vases per year. With 3,000 customers Worldwide, he dedicates over 50% of his resources to Customer Service. Quality first of all, the masters, additives and in general the raw materials used by Plastecnic are free of environmentally harmful heavy metals, such as chromium, lead and cadmium and aromatic amines. All products are therefore recyclable and compliant with disposal, in full compliance with current regulations. The selected use of thermoplastic materials guarantee the life and resistance of the flowerpots to the stresses they are normally subjected to. Sensitive by nature, Plastecnic has always had the theme of the environment close to her heart and in 2019 Plastecnic started a new project "re-use RE-LOVE" with the aim of bringing the use of recycled plastic from separate collection of waste to 42% by 2021 and 80% in the next 10 years. The heart of the initiative is the use of recycled plastic supplied by companies with the European EuCertPlast certificate, which guarantees precise parameters for the recycling chain with traceability procedures and processes with low environmental impact, developed to ensure that plastic is again recyclable, generating a virtuous circular economy. To maintain quality excellence, Plastecnic carries out repeated tests, for each type of flowerpot, to find the right combination of recycled and virgin plastic that guarantees maximum technical performance. One of the peculiarity characteristics of Plastecnic is the ability to reconcile the typical operational needs of an industry with market trends, collaborating permanently with prestigious design brands to translate stylistic trends into products capable of furnishing any environment with the beauty of nature.
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