LG Italia

Via Grandi, 91/B - 26900 Lodi (LO)
Tel. 335 8481718

Sito Web: www.lgitaliasrl.com

  • - Retail: Yes
  • - Wholesale: Yes
  • - E-commerce: NO
The L.G. ITALIA S.R.L. was born with a specific goal: the distribution of quality chemical products in full respect of the environment.

Quality understood as a global concept at the service of man and his ecosystem, a real quality based on research and innovation.

The customer is the reference point for the development of our business; from the systematic measurement of his degree of satisfaction derive the programs for the continuous improvement of business activities and processes that our organization must define and pursue, preparing suitable performance indices for each of them. We use a modernly equipped laboratory for research, development and quality control. A laboratory for the selection and production of mycorrhizae and rhizobacteria that we insert in our products.

Thanks to the wide range of formulations and the research work carried out by the internal laboratory, with the possibility of always studying new ones even at the customer's request, we are now able to create tailor-made solutions for companies wishing to customize products with brands own. The main factors that have always distinguished us are the high quality of our products, direct relationship with the customer, speed of delivery and assistance. The key to our success are our people, the most important assets of the company who, with their competence and professionalism and their ability to identify customized solutions for customers, contribute to the continuous improvement of the safety and quality of products, processes and services.

Our customers share with us a passion for excellence and we are proud to be able to contribute to the success and development of organizations that stand out for their innovation and foresight.
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